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    How do i bring back results from an oracle database for all customers. Suppose Applebee&#039s , York International, ect...<BR>The problem is that Applebee&#039s is also spelled APPLEBEE&#039S. How do i distinguish the two spelling so that the users that query the data can type apple and still get the results for Applebee&#039s and APPLEBEE&#039S. Here is my SQL Statement<BR><BR>set rshits = conn.execute("select order_iD, delivery_Name, carrier_id, carrier_pro_no from database where " _<BR> & Request.Form("SearchField") & " Like &#039%" & Request.Form("keywords") _<BR> & "%&#039 order by delivery_name")

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    I&#039m going to go out on a limb here and guess that this has more to do with Oracle than it does with ASP.<BR><BR>For instance, SQL Server and Access do case-insensitive text searches by default.<BR><BR>So, my gues would be that you have to either change something in the table to allow case-insensitive searches or change something in your SQL statement to allow the same.

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    Can you provide me with a representation of a full, working connection string to Oracle? Don&#039t care if it&#039s DSN, DSN-Less or OLEDB, whatever... I&#039d appreciate it.<BR><BR>Kurt

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