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    I&#039;m VERY new at trying to create web pages and at using ASP, so I would like some expert opinions. Here&#039;s the project: I&#039;ve got a computer program that is monitoring some sensors and creating a text file based on the information gathered. I want to create a dynamic web page to view the text file information over the internet. <BR><BR>Here&#039;s my question: Would I be better off creating the page directy from the text file, or using Access? I&#039;ve tried using Access and linking the text file, but I&#039;ve been having problems getting that to work. I&#039;m afraid that the ASP for using the text file directly may be too complicated for my simple and unexperienced mind.<BR><BR>Your opinions are appreciated. Thank you.

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    You can keep the textfile and use it like a database, see this page for the connection string to use <BR><BR> <BR><BR>for retreiving info from a db see the faqs, the important thing to remember is that once you have made your connection to the textfile and created a recordset from some subset of the data all the examples of manipulating data from recordsets in the faqs now apply.

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    First of all, it&#039;ll be MUCH easier if the text file is somewhere on the web server. If it&#039;s something like a csv, you can use ado to open it like an Access table and then use rs.getrows to put the data into a 2D array. You can also view it as a text file but you&#039;ll have to do some extra work to get the values into the array.

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