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    Mpumi Guest

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    I have a problem updating my database. I have a web application that receives information on consumers. This information is supposed to be updated in the database. The problem is that I&#039;m supposed to receive this information and then update it via COM. <BR>I have to build up a CDS(Credit Data Stream) in order to do this. When trying to do so, I get na error and I cannot seem to work around it. I&#039;m pretty new in this. Kindly assist. <BR><BR>Error Description: Error Setting up relationships between the CDS Objects <BR><BR>Error Source : ReportFramesOU.asp <BR><BR>Error Number : 424 The object you supplied is not valid (or is not recognized as an object). References to properties and methods often require an explicit object qualifier <BR>

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    Bill H. Guest

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    if you show some code...where are you instantiating the object you&#039;re using?

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