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    stevens Guest

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    I am creating a site which allows people to enter their resumes. When they enter a line of the resume and hit return i need for it to put things into ordered lists. I need a way where i can have the code put &#060;ul&#062; in after every hard return.<BR>How can i do this?

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    Reggie Guest

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    Are they just going to be typing it in to a textarea? Either when you print it out or INSERT it into you db you can just replace() the line break with &#060;ul&#062;.<BR><BR>Something like:<BR>replace(TheirText, vbrclf, "&#060;ul&#062;")

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    stevens Guest

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    Yes they are typing into a text area. Then on the next page i am requesting the information and writing it to the database.<BR>So your saying instead of this below:<BR>information = request("input")<BR><BR>I should have this?<BR>information = request("input",vbrclf,"&#060;ul&#062;")

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