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    Is there way to create a round edged table in HTML using &#060;TABLE&#062; tag. <BR><BR>Any suggestions please.

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    There&#039;s no setting for the &#060;TABLE&#062; tag to do this.<BR><BR>The way to do it is to create a table with 9 cells - the center cell will hold your main text and the center-top cell could hold a title. <BR><BR>Then create a rounded edge image (a quarter of a circle) in the background colour of your table and rotate this four times, saving each image. Use these images at each corner cell of your table.<BR><BR>The 3 cells running vertically down the middle of the table should have your chosen table background colour, the other 6 cells should have the page colour as your background.<BR><BR>Hope that makes sense :-)

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    not easily!<BR><BR>check out

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