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Thread: Help! my page won't load

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    Joshua Sells Guest

    Default Help! my page won't load

    I am trying to execute a batch file from an ASP, but the page always times out before it even loads. The code I am using is below. Everyone say it is right, so I think there must be a setting in IIS I need to change or something. I have posted in the general forum, but no help. If anybody has any ideas, please help! <BR><BR>Set Obj = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")<BR>commandlin e="c:yyyxxx.bat"<BR>Obj.Run commandline

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    Default RE: Help! my page won't load

    try putting it inside a sub or a function... that might force asp to wait

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    Joshua Sells Guest

    Default well, progress at least

    I put in a sub and it at least willt load the page now. It is not running the batch, but at least the page loads. Any ideas why the n=batch isn&#039;t running?

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    Joshua Sells Guest

    Default What now?

    The html on the page loads, but there is no indication that script is even attempting to run. Any ideas? does it need an OnClick event or something similar? Thanks in advance if you can help!

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