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    Joshua Sells Guest

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    I am trying to execute a batch file from an ASP, but the page always times out before it even loads. The code I am using is below. Everyone say it is right, so I think there must be a setting in IIS I need to change or something. If anybody has any ideas, please help! <BR><BR>Set Obj = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")<BR>commandlin e="c:yyyxxx.bat"<BR>Obj.Run commandline<BR>

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    What does the batch file do? maybe that&#039;s timing out, try something simple like putting just DIR in the batch file.

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    Reggie Guest

    Default Stop reposting

    Why don&#039;t you try something simple like I recommended yesterday instead of repeatedly reposting? I told you to try something basic, then you reply and tell me that you downloaded and ran some sort of component. Stop asking for help if you aren&#039;t going to attempt anyone&#039;s suggestions.

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    Joshua Sells Guest

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    I DID try something simple. The batch file I want to run IS simple. I downloaded another one which simply opend notepad. (SOunds simple to me) Just because you don;t know how to solve the problem doesn;t mean you have to get sore about it when I keep asking, maybe some one else does!

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