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    Default intranet home

    i want to get at the browsers default homepage and create a link on an intranet page for this. the reason for this is that the company has a standard intranet with different entry points depending on the user. the it dept has set their default home pages in their browsers. the intranet has a link to the default home page but it would be nice if this could link to the users home page. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default I don't quite understand...

    ...what you require, but from what I gather you have a default page that is standard for everyone - and you&#039;d like a link on this default page that links to each users individual home page?<BR>That could be solved like this (depending on how the individual page is generated):<BR><BR>default.asp contains:<BR><BR>&#060;a href="userHomePage.asp?userID=&#060;%=userName%&#0 62;"&#062;Click to logIn&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>the userName could be made from a login form, pulled from their local user info, etc.<BR><BR>Hope that&#039;s close ;)<BR><BR>Alan

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    Default RE: intranet home

    In short I dont believe U can return the value for a users default homepage , U can set it like :-<BR><BR>&#060;a id = "FFFF" name="FFFF" class="chlnk" style="cursor:hand" HREF onClick=";url(#default#ho mepage)&#039;;alert(this.setHomePage(&#039;;));"&#062;<BR>Click here to make mysite your default homepage&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>BUT there doent appear to be a "read" value anywhere...

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    Default it could just be a waste of time?

    whats the point when the user can just click the HOME button in thier web browser!<BR><BR>Also what if the user from say ADMIN logs on at the IT sections computers, when the ADMIN clicks homepage he will be redirected to the IT&#039;s homepage not the ADMINS home page!<BR><BR>What you should do is have a database with everyones username and a default page that they will get redirected too, then create a link your asp pages.

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