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    My Problem is that i&#039;m calling a stored procedure(ORACLE one of my ASP page.<BR>But the procedure is so big and the data transactions are so many in that procedure , the result is that procedure takes too much time to execute.<BR>Finally on the browser I keep on getting message "Page cannnot be displayed" or the "Connection Timed Out" which comes after a long Interval of time .Even though at the backend the procedure keeps on running.<BR>It is sure that there is no problem with the procedure and no error with the ASP coding.<BR>When the data is too small then the procedure is executed successfull from the ASP pages.<BR>So please help me to solve this problem.

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    It might be worth showing some of the code you are using, but are you setting your cursortype and cursorlocation properties on your recordset object?<BR>If you aren&#039;t do that first, then come back and let me know how you got on.<BR>You can also alter the connection time using the connectiontimeout property of the connection object.

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