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    I&#039;m creating a chat application. if the user clicks the logoff button, i&#039;ve abandoned my session using session.abandon. if the user closes the browser without clicking the logoff button (i.e., through File Menu -&#062; Close or by clicking the right topmost corner (X) button), then the session remains the same. <BR>Also i made a check for unique name in the chatters list.<BR>if the user clicks either one of these and goes out and come again and enters the chat with same login name then my code gives an error saying that "The username already exists in the chatters list", which is through my code.<BR><BR>so how to abandon the session when the user clicks either one of the two button which i&#039;ve discussed above.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance<BR>Raghu.

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    Does the user have any other browser windows open? A session only lasts as long as the cookie on the client side, so the user closing their window should delete the cookie. I don&#039;t know what to tell you.

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