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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have downloded Microsoft ASP.NET Premium Edition Beta 2 (19 MB) from microsoft.<BR><BR>I have some doubts On that.<BR><BR>Do i have to Install win-2000 to Install<BR><BR>If i install win-2000, then Should i have to use IIS?<BR><BR>If IIS then, what is the Version?<BR><BR>Do i need .net platform to run<BR><BR>If write a file in, where to save, and what is the extension?( Like Filename.asp...)<BR><BR>Kindly Provide these details, to cope with .net platform, for me to decide for my future projects on hand.<BR><BR>-Murugesan<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    ASP.NET current BETA will not work outside 2000 or XP<BR>Yes, you must use IIS with it<BR>the only version of IIS on windows 2000 is IIS5.0<BR><BR>for the rest you can read the documentation.

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