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    Scott Moore Guest

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    I was attaching to our SQL server db fine, but now we&#039ve added multiple dbs on the same machine. How do I specify the correct SQL server in the connection string. Is it the Provider variable? I keep getting an error message while attaching to the db. My old connection string was this:<BR><BR>Session("objConn").ConnectionString = "DSN=ccp01db;uid=sa"<BR><BR>Now the new database is called celullar7, I need to add this to the connection string, so it finds the database. Any help?

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    You&#039ll need to specify the path to the new databse when you establish a NEW DSN for that database. In your SQL code, you&#039ll reference the table name.

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    Geoff Yaworski Guest

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    The Application("&#060;ConnectionString&#062;") variable in global.asa contains all the information you need to connect the db.

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