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    William Guest

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    Hi,<BR>Can someone tell me about "sql update"? I am actually searching for a product name and decreasing its quantity by one.<BR>Thanks,<BR>William

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    You mean like<BR><BR>sql = "update products set quantity = quantity - 1 where name = &#039;" & replace(name,"&#039;","&#039;&#039;") & "&#039;"<BR>connect.execute sql,,128

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default a bit generous today

    &nbsp;<BR>Update ItsmYbirthday Set giftsreceivedtoday=0 where product=&#039;Hooker&#039;<BR><BR><BR>j/k (but that should give you an idea.)

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    Hi, <BR><BR>Try looking at this link and learn how to use the SQL update procedure. If you are still having problems, just write back and either I or somebody else will answer more questions. <BR><BR>http://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_update.asp<BR><BR>Hope this helps,<BR><BR>Vadim C.

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