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Thread: seeing what a mac users sees?

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    I need to test my site on a mac os/browser. But I run windows and don't own a mac. Anyone know of a program to emulate a mac environment on windows. No $ in the budget to pay for websitegarage.comcheersJay
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    I understand the use to that, and believe me, Ihave spent MONTHS searching for decent Mac emus, but I tell you this. The do not exist. not yet. However MACE is nearing completion, and that has some SERIOUS potential.<BR>If I were you I would run a search ANYWHERE including yahoo, google, whatever for "mac emulators" modify it with the word download, or this and that. Because the sites do change now and then, I don&#039;t have any decent places to give you right now.

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    Default BeOS... a free o/s (for personal use) that will run on a PC; though it will require you setting up another operating system, it will run a MacOS emulator. Other than that i&#039;m at a loss aas to what to suggest - try a design house or better still a local cybercafe; one of those places will have a mac you can use for testing, though the design house may say no and the cybercafe will charge you. umm...hope this helps :p sorry!

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