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    Default Is this possible??

    Is it possible to access an MSAccess (97 or 2000) function, that is inside a module via an asp page query?<BR><BR>For example.<BR><BR>If i wanted my asp page to show the total number of records in a table. Could i, using a query from my asp page, call a function in an access module, pass it the table name, have the function in the module get the value and then return it to my page (into a recordset), instead of just using a query.<BR><BR>I know tha this example would not have any benefits but it is just to give an idea of a possible situation.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Duncan

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    Default I don't believe so

    At least I haven&#039;t seen it done, but anything like that can be accomplished using SQL...<BR><BR>SQL = "select count(*) as counted from tablename where somefield=&#039;blah&#039;"<BR><BR>then parse this to your database, the recordset will be returned.<BR><BR>-- Whol

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