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    Joshua Sells Guest

    Default Help! my page won't load!

    I hope some one can help me. I have been fighting with this for a week. I am trying to run a batch file which in turn starts a macro in access 97 to output a fairly complex report to html. The batch file works when I manually run it from win explorer. The problem occurs when I try to load an ASP with this code:<BR><BR>Set Obj = Server.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")<BR>commandlin e="c:yyyatchfile.bat"<BR>Obj.Run commandline<BR><BR>The server always times out trying to load the page. I have some html before and after the script so I could try to see where it was getting hung up, but it does not even load the html on the page.<BR>I thought this was the proper way to run a .bat or .exe, but it is not working for me. Help me?! Please?!!??<BR>Thanks in advance <BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR> <BR>

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    This is the proper way to call an exe or bat file.<BR><BR>I also face a problem of passing a parameter along with exe. When I run the stand alone exe, it runs. But when I call from ASP by passing an parameter it is not. Any guesS?

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    Reggie Guest

    Default Have you tried a anything simple?

    Have you tried a batch file that doesn&#039;t do anything particularly complicated? Just try something simple to see if it is the execution of the file that is causing the problem or if it is the file itself.

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    Joshua Sells Guest

    Default RE: Have you tried a anything simple?

    Yes, I d/l this ASP source and tried it. It also had a .dll which i had to register. It wouldn&#039;t work until I rebooted the server, but it only worked once (or appeared to). I did not see note pad open on the server, but I got a result of "ok". Before I rebooted, it timed out as just like mine.<BR><BR><BR><BR>&#060;html&#062;<BR>&#060;hea d&#062;&#060;title&#062;ASPExec Test (ExecuteWinApp)&#060;/title&#062;&#060;head&#062;<BR>&#060;body bgcolor=white text=black&#062;<BR>&#060;blockquote&#062;<BR>&#06 0;H3&#062;ASPExec ExecuteWinApp Test&#060;/H3&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR> Set Executor = Server.CreateObject("ASPExec.Execute")<BR> Executor.Application = "notepad.exe"<BR> Executor.Parameters = "c:autoexec.bat"<BR> Executor.ShowWindow = True<BR> Response.Write "Attempting to execute " & Executor.Application & "<BR>"<BR> strResult = Executor.ExecuteWinApp<BR> Response.Write "The result of this call was: " & strResult<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;p&#062;If you do not see Notepad then it is possible that Notepad is running with a hidden window.<BR>This could be caused by not having "Allow Service to Interact with Desktop" turned off in <BR>Control Panel/Services/World Wide Web Publishing Service or it could be that the version <BR>of IIS you are running is preventing the window from being displayed. Look in a task list<BR>such as task manager, or use TList from the NT resource kit to see if Notepad is running.<BR>&#060;B&#062;Note: All InetInfo managed services must have "Allow Service to Interact with Desktop"<BR>turned on to see visible apps.&#060;/b&#062;<BR>&#060;/blockquote&#062;<BR>&#060;/body&#062;<BR>&#060;/html&#062;<BR>

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    Joshua Sells Guest

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    go to control panel/services/www services and make sure that the service can interact with the desktop. I had to enable this, hten reboot to get a sampl ASP d/l to run. See my reply below for the code. I tried turning it off and then back on and the sample ASP wouldn&#039;t run untill reboot.

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