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    Cindy Guest

    Default Heaven's Martini.....

    hi again... about the trgeers or default u were telling me... how do i go about doing that in sql?<BR><BR>if i use default... what do i put as the value? and how do i relate that to my table?<BR><BR>what is a stored procedure? can i use that as well?<BR><BR>i&#039;m not very good with databases... need help here!! thank u

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    Cindy Guest

    Default Anyone? ... helpppp

    what do i need to do to automatically set the field total = price * quantity in my table?<BR><BR>using sql server7 ....

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    Default Show your ....

    your current code for updating the fields.

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    Default More info...

    Where are price and quantity coming from? Do you have them as ASP variables, or are they fields in your database, or what?

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    Cindy Guest

    Default errrr....

    i have a table with 4 fields: itemID, price, quantity and total<BR>well, the price and quantity is pre defined.. and itemID is autogenerate. So that leaves the total field blank...<BR><BR>how do i fill up the total field?<BR><BR>when u ask about the update code... i guess i would user select (quantity * price) as total From table<BR><BR>so does that mean that i will have to create a form to update this table?

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default RE: Anyone? ... helpppp

    Hmm.<BR><BR><BR>it looks like a trigger is the simplest way.<BR><BR>if you right click when in the Open table part of sql server, <BR>in the tasks menu, you can write a trigger.<BR>for insert/update<BR><BR>the simplest method would be to insert it when you insert your data however. Insert into blah(num,quan,total) <BR> Values ("& mynum &","& myquan &","& mynum * myquan &")<BR>(or something like that)

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default I guess I don't make sense.

    umm.<BR><BR>this could be better.<BR>i think we need to know more info about the process you are going through, and then i can help more.

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    Cindy Guest

    Default RE: More info...

    well the price and quantity comes from the fields in the table.<BR>so that leaves the field &#039;total&#039; empty. how do i fill this field with a value that is = price * quantity?<BR><BR>do i do it with asp or do i set it in sql? hmmm....<BR><BR>price and quantity is pre defined

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    Hi-Tek Redneck Guest

    Default RE: errrr....

    is this a one time deal?<BR><BR>or this an ever changing process?<BR><BR>

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    Cindy Guest

    Default here we go...

    ok, i&#039;m working on a simple shopping cart kinda thing. when user add an item to the cart, it is added into the Cart table.<BR>Cart table has 4 fields itemID, Price, Quantity, Total. So when item is added, only the itemID, Price and Quantity is stored. Therefore, i wanna know how to actually fill up the Total field... do i make sense? ....hmm.. should this be done during the add item or do i do it in the database itself?

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