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    subash Guest

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    hi,<BR> I just started learning ASP. Can anyone help me by suggesting which are the best books and Do i need to have an indepth knowledge in SQL Commands? What would you suggest if i need to specialize in ASP ? Do you think that ASP will become outdated or will be replaced JSP?<BR><BR>

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    wozhihua Guest

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    please send E-mail to me and describe your question clearly,I&#039m sure I will give you some help.<BR>

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    hi wozhihua,<BR>I have just started my ASP as part of my e business curriculum.<BR>As a beginer, I want to know its future in the server side application. Do I have to master SQL commands. I dont have a clear idea about ASP. Can you help me with some more information.<BR>

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    Yes, you need to learn about SQL commands and you need to pick up a scripting language (I&#039d recommend VBScript).<BR><BR>It&#039s hard to say what ASP&#039s future is. Perhaps the fact that Sun has created JSP to mimic ASP will give you some indication of the technology&#039s usefulness.<BR><BR>Currently, there are no other tools of which I&#039m aware which offer ASP&#039s combination of ease of learning and power/flexibility.<BR><BR>Kurt

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