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    Cindy Guest

    Default How do i do this?

    how do i get price * quantity = total in database?<BR>do i do this in sql or do i do it in asp?<BR><BR>if in sql, how can i get it to automatically get total price and fill in the total column?

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

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    defaults are nice<BR>or a trigger in sql server.<BR><BR>

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    select (price * quantity) as total<BR>where....<BR><BR><BR>i think that&#039;ll do it

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    Cindy Guest

    Default If i do this...

    will i be able to store the value to the field in DB?

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    Meehu Guest

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    Do you already have the price and quantity stored in the database? If so, why do you need to store the total too?<BR><BR>Or are the price and quantity coming from a form or something?

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