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    New2asp Guest

    Default Pasword Validation

    Can someone provide me with the javascript for password validation? password must not be less than 4 char, no spaces and no symbols....<BR><BR>thank u!

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    BcUzIlOvEu Guest

    Default C'MoN

    MeN ThEre Is PlEnTy Of ExAmPlE OuT ThErE...

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

    Default one better<BR><BR><BR>

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    Kentium Guest

    Default RE: Pasword Validation

    why are you asking for this on a ASP site/board?<BR><BR>Can&#039;t you go to like everyone else?

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    Default RE: Pasword Validation

    i would still like to get my hands on the source code for win2k (or even xp would be fine)<BR><BR>if any of you can provide me with that, i will give you my email address and we will correspond in private (for the obvious reasons)

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    Kentium Guest

    Default no problem!


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