We have an Access 97 report that features various and sundry formatting around the fields, ie, borders on boxes, shading, bolding, that sort of thing. We need to export this report to email, but the only format we seem to have is RTF. While that works fine as far as the data is concerned, we lose all the formatting. Is there a way to preserve the formatting? We can live with having it saved in Word format, then attached to an email, but again, only RTF is available to us.<BR><BR>FYI, the report is a near "clone" of a state mandated form that we have to submit for workers comp, and we have been told that we can email or fax it as long as it "looks and feels" exactly like their original form. Bureaucracies! :)<BR><BR>TIA<BR>elaine pack<BR>epack@blue.unix.virginia.edu