I have an error and I dont understand what causes it. I&#039;ve created a web application that receives data to be updates to te database via COM. Somewhere in my ASP code, I cannot build up my CDS(Credit Data Stream) properly so that it is linked to the com and the database is updated. I&#039;ve looked at my code and I cannot understand why I get this error. <BR>I&#039;m still new with this kind of code and I would appreciate it if anyone that may have ideas as to how I can tackle the problem would assist me. <BR>Ther error that I get is:<BR><BR>Error Description: Error Setting up relationships between the CDS Objects<BR><BR>Error Source : ReportFramesOU.asp<BR><BR>Error Number : 424 The object you supplied is not valid (or is not recognized as an object). References to properties and methods often require an explicit object qualifier<BR>