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    Default Questions about a 4Guys article

    Please bear with me if these questions sound stupid but I have two questions about the following article...<BR><BR><BR><BR>TWO QUESTIONS:<BR><BR>1) In the article, are database records being deleted off the database itself...or just for what that particluar user sees?<BR><BR>2) Will this article&#039;s instructions work for an Access database? (Access2K) If not, could it be made to work somehow?<BR><BR>I really, REALLY need something like this and I&#039;m just a newbie. Thanks for the help!

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    (1) Yes .... From the database itself.<BR><BR>(2) Should.

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    Default Follow up question

    Is there a way to delete records only off of a page and not physically deleted off of the database?

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    Default Anyone?

    Anyone have a guess? I&#039;ve had other people try and help me do this but none of the ideas work.

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