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    I am battling to figure out where my error is - probably very simple. the response.write comes out like this :<BR>SELECT DISTINCT Auctionworld_Products.Auction_Category FROM (Auctionworld_Products INNER JOIN Auctionworld_Auctions ON Auctionworld_Products.Auction_ID = Auctionworld_Auctions.ID) INNER JOIN Auctionworld_Auctiontypes ON Auctionworld_Auctiontypes.ID = Auctionworld_Auctions.TypeID WHERE (((Auctionworld_Auctions.Auction_Date)&#062;#27/06/2001#) AND ((Auctionworld_Auctiontypes.AuctionType) = &#039;Antiques and Collectables&#039;)AND ((Auctionworld_Products.Auction_Category LIKE &#039;*Silver*&#039;) OR (Auctionworld_Products.Auction_Item LIKE &#039;*Silver*&#039;))) ORDER BY Auctionworld_Products.Auction_Category <BR><BR>which seems fine and it produces the correct result if I run the sql through access sql queries. So I just can&#039;t understand what&#039;s going wrong. Does the OBDC driver parse sql statements differently (ie. I have noticed that &#039; is different to "). PLease can someone help or can you direct me to a good sql site. Thanks<BR><BR>

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    what is the error message

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    Default shorthand might help

    SELECT DISTINCT p.Auction_Category FROM (Auctionworld_Products p INNER JOIN Auctionworld_Auctions a ON p.Auction_ID = a.ID) INNER JOIN Auctionworld_Auctiontypes t ON t.ID = a.TypeID WHERE (((a.Auction_Date)&#062;#27/06/2001#) AND ((t.AuctionType) = &#039;Antiques and Collectables&#039;)AND ((p.Auction_Category LIKE &#039;*Silver*&#039;) OR (p.Auction_Item LIKE &#039;*Silver*&#039;))) ORDER BY p.Auction_Category <BR><BR><BR>certainly cuts it down a bit.<BR><BR>

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