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Thread: NOWRAP?

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    Nathan Masek Guest

    Default NOWRAP?

    One ... is there any way that I can set a column width and have it so any text that is longer that that width gets cut off instead of wrapping. ( I have tried NOWRAP but it doesn&#039;t seem to be working).<BR>

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    yea NOWRAP isn&#039;t designed for that. NOWRAP means if i were to adjust the width of my browser, the cell wouldn&#039;t shrink to the browsers size.<BR><BR>what you&#039;re trying to do, i do believe is impossible. table cells are designed to hold text, images, whatever is in it. not to cut if off, like it sounds you&#039;re saying.<BR><BR>if you know a website where there&#039;s an example of this, though, go there then just view the source.<BR><BR>- matt

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    Default Cut off? I don't think so.

    ...Wrapping or no wrapping is all that is allowed.

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    Jim Rudnick Guest

    Default RE: Cut off? I don't think so.

    There is one way that I&#039;ve used tho...try investigating the &#060;div&#062; html tags. IF you put content into a &#060;div&#062; layer that&#039;s bigger than what you&#039;ve spec&#039;d in as the layer&#039;s height and width, it just chops it off....images and text alike.<BR><BR>Give it a try...<BR><BR>Jim

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    Nathan Masek Guest

    Default Cool Thanks <eop>


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