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Thread: autonumber reset in access?

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    Default autonumber reset in access?

    I have an Access DB that has an autonumber field that assigns records a number (ie 1,2,3) in order of creation. My question is this. How can I basically wipe out all data and start from scratch so that record 1 is available again? I've tried just deleting the records but for some reason the autonumber won't go back to 1 after all records have been cleared. I've also tried changing it to a number field, saving and switching back. Thanks in advance.

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    Default My way... to delete the entire field containing the autonumber from the table and making it again with the same name and properties. These must be an easier way, but this serves me fine for now =)

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    Default Nope

    I deleted the field and all records, saved, closed, reopened and created id field again. went back to asp page and created new record and it created it as record #30?!?! any other ideas?

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