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    I have a Server Side Include which I use in my Asp page. I use the following tage to include it in the page.<BR>&#060;!--#include file="ssi/ra1_logfile.inc"--&#062;<BR>The path is relative to the project I am in. If I have two projects that use the same Server Side Include is there a way to have the Server Side Include in one directory and reference it in multiple projects. Currently I must keep a copy of the SSI in both projects.<BR><BR>THANKS...

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    not really. if they&#039;re on the same server, you may be able to use &#060;!--#include file--&#062; to reference a common filesystem folder - a better solution, if you have full server access, would be to use WSC (windows script components) or full blown COM objects, which you can then reference by progID<BR><BR>j

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    Brian Frankle Guest

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    Thanks for the information...

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