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    Well i am pretty new to ASP and i got a question. I have a button and say 2 textboxes. I want to insert the values of the textboxes into my table. I have no problem establishing connection to my Access Database. My INSERT INTO syntax is correct too. Here is what i have<BR>&#060;%<BR>Sub NewRecord()<BR> &#039Here i have a connection object that will execute my querry.<BR> &#039 The question is how do i click a button on the form so it will get executed ?<BR>end sub<BR>%&#062;<BR>Here i have a button. How do i get it to call my Sub so it will execute my querr. Please someone respond.<BR>

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    you have to submit to another page, which then runs your sub. that&#039s the stock answer.<BR><BR>there is a method that uses an xmlhttp request, but i believe it&#039s browser-specific to MSIE 5+<BR><BR>Netscape doesn&#039t support xml properly yet.

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