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    Tobias Brandvik Guest

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    I was just wodering when you guys expect job openings for C# and ASP.NET developers to start rolling in..? I know the final product is at least five months away, but surely there will be a need of skilled people in this departement even before the final product is availiable..?

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    RobT Guest

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    In relation to .NET in general--&#062;<BR><BR>Agencies with IT departments I imagine will be picking people up now or very shortly for full-time permanent positions.<BR><BR>Contracting? Not for a while. In fact I bet its a good year before the market gets hot. Remember there is not the influx of .com sites going up like there were 1 year+ ago. Existing sites will be hard to justify an upgrade especially when you can add .NET pages to traditional sites. An existing ASP site has to ask itself what do I stand to benefit from upgrading my site? 99% of the time its nothing unless the site is very resource intensive in its existing state.<BR><BR>C# and other .NET programming for non Internet software I have no idea. Someone else could probably answer that one better.<BR><BR>This is actually a very good question and a good topic.<BR><BR><BR>Rob

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    Yep, I pretty much agree with Rob. It is worth adding though that take up outside the US is always slower, so you would be unlikely to see much demand for quite a while yet.<BR><BR>But, if you get yourself proficient at .Net & C#, you would be in a good position to get a job in current technologies as employers will see the benefits of hiring someone with skills they will need in the near(ish) future.<BR><BR>Have you found any good C# / Asp.Net books, I am just starting to dip my toes in, and need a couple of good ref texts.

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    Tobias Brandvik Guest

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    Thanks for your thoughts.<BR><BR>Regarding C# and ASP.NET books, there are not many good books out there at this moment (at least to my knowledge...). I have read one or two good ones, but they dealt with the first beta and are pretty much useless today. <BR><BR>There are some good books coming out this summer. I&#039;m especially looking forward to a book covering ASP.NET by Scott Mitchell. I can&#039;t remember the name right now, but try searching Amazon. <BR><BR>

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