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    Bob Geldof Guest

    Default NULL !!!!! %&#!!!

    I have a empty value in the database (null) but when i run the if statment, it gives me an error and complains bout " Expected THEN "<BR><BR>but as you can see i use then in my statment...<BR><BR>IF rsChili("chili_repImageURL") ISNULL Then<BR>chili_repImageURL = "uploaded_files/no_picture_availeble.gif"<BR><BR>ELSE<BR>chili_rep ImageURL = Replace(rsChili("chili_repImageURL"), uploadPath & "\", "")<BR><BR>END IF<BR><BR><BR>Please help me out !

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    Default ISNULL is a function..

    change <BR>rsChili("chili_repImageURL") ISNULL <BR>to<BR>ISNULL(rsChili("chili_repImageURL"))

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    if ur using SQL SERVER (6.5...7.0) you can&#039;t work on null values<BR>or ISNULL function not work.<BR><BR>you should declare, for example a default value like 0 in ur field.<BR><BR>i think it can help<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Bob Geldof Guest

    Default RE: ISNULL is a function..

    Thanx!!!! it works now

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