Hi...<BR><BR>I have an ASP application (on PWS on NT4 Workstation) that runs a stored procedure on an Oracle database. The problem is that if the query is very big Oracle does not seem to return anything and I have to stop the ASP page (by clicking STOP in the browser or killing the browser window). Once this is done MTX.exe then goes into an endless loop and keeps consuming memory until the system runs out of virtual memory! I have tried killing the process (I get an access denied message), using a DOS prompt to do NET STOP iisadmin /y (also doesn&#039;t work since mtx.exe obviously needs iisdamin to run on and so won&#039;t shut IIS down). <BR>Eventually I have to reset the machine and start all over again!<BR><BR>I have PWS set up so the ASP app runs in it&#039;s own memory space as I thought this would solve the problem (ie: I could shut down the browser window that stopped responding without affecting other app windows) but it just seems to cause me more problems!!<BR><BR>The ASP page does not have any components in it or anything like that - it is very simple ASP that executes a query on Oracle via ADO.<BR><BR>Am I doing something wrong? Why does MTX.exe go into a loop and why can&#039;t I kill it? Also, why, when I try to unload the app from Internet Service Manager does it just lock up? <BR><BR>Hope someone can help - I&#039;m going crazy here!!<BR><BR>Mike.