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    I need every week to append data from an Access database (stored offline) to an SQL Server dbase (stored online).<BR><BR>How would you do it? Eg do it online or offline? And can you point me to some sample code for Appending in ASP?

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    if you just need to move data from access to sqlserver, write yourself a little app that grabs the datafrom access and puts it into a recordset, then uses the recordset to do an update query on the sqlserver<BR><BR>that&#039;s one approach

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    You can create a DTS package in SQL Server to get the data from the access db and insert it into th SQL Server and set it up to run once a week automatically so that you won&#039;t have to do anything.<BR><BR>Just select Import Data from inside SQL Server and select the Access db as the datasource and check the box to have it run automatically, which also allows you to set the time and the interval when it will run

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