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    I&#039;m heavily using this datatype to identify each record in my database. Does anyone see any problems using that alot? will this hogg up a lot of memory in the database server??<BR><BR>any comment is helpfull thanks..<BR>

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    Default Depends ....

    What I usually do in this case is:<BR><BR>1) Open recordset &#060;%rs=objConn.Execute(SQLCMD)%&#062;<BR><BR >2) Create an array to hold the name and type info for each field<BR>&#060;%<BR>redim info(1,rs.fields.count-1)<BR>for i=0 to rs.fields.count-1<BR>info(0,i)rs.fields(i).name<BR>info(1,i)rs.fie lds(i).type<BR>Next<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>3) Use GetRows to retrieve the recordset into array and close and destroy the recordset, to free up database.<BR><BR>4) Then I walk the array and I have all the information I need about each field and its value.

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