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    I&#039m JUST GETTING STARTED with this database connectivity w/asp thing and I figure the first step was getting here. What is the second step? Do I create a database, create an interface, buy something? Please help this ultra-novice!

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    First, I suggest you read the database FAQ on 4Guys:<BR><BR><BR>Next, you&#039ll want to work on some real-world examples. Shoot on over to for some real-world examples with full code.<BR><BR>Hope this gets you started in the right path! :)

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    I would recommend getting Professional Active Server Pages 2.0 (Francis etc.) by WROX. It&#039s big, but chapter 2-7 give you what you need. One bad thing, its a terrible reference manual; it doesn&#039t tell you the all the parms to functions or methods. It&#039s still a good book...

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