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    Neils Guest

    Default xp_sendmail and MIME types

    Is there a way to change the MIME type of the messages sent by xp_sendmail? I&#039;m looking for a way to send HTML messages through this procedure?<BR><BR>There is a @type parameter, but the documentation is lacking, and I don&#039;t think thats what I&#039;m looking for.<BR><BR>Any help would be great.

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    Default Security holes...

    ...I don&#039;t know the exact answer to your question. However, I do know of several security holes that exist when you enable to SQL Server to send mail. You may opt to look for other alternatives for triggering your email...

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    Neils Guest

    Default RE: Security holes...

    Thanks for that advice, but unfortunately this is the only option open to us at the moment. We are working on getting something else working, but for now this is it.

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