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Thread: LOGON_USER blank?

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    Big Mac Guest

    Default LOGON_USER blank?

    I&#039m in an intranet environment using IIS4. When I try to capture the logon_user or remote_user, it is blank. Is there a reason for this? Is it something that needs to be turned on?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Rob Guest

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    Have you tried NT Challenge/Response?

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    Big Mac Guest

    Default RE: LOGON_USER blank?

    I&#039m sorry, but I&#039m not familiar with what you are referring to? Please direct me to where I can read up on it.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Rob Guest

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    You can manage Internet Information Server by the Microsoft Management Console. If you have IIS installed you can find it on your start menu under Internet Service Manager. Once the Management Console is open you can add a server to the Console if the one your application is on is not already there.<BR>When you find the directory that is your application right-click on the file and go to properties. One of the tabs is Directory Security. That&#039s the one you want. Click the "Edit" button under Anonymous Access and Authentication Control. You have three choices one of which is Windows NT Challenge/Response. Try that.

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    Big Mac Guest

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    Thanks Rob. I&#039ll have to convince the network guys here to try that. Could there be any other reason why USER_LOGON is blank?

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    Just make sure that "Allow Anonymous Access" is NOT checked.

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