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    Question dealing with data collision. I have users that will be updating a database in Excel. They will be accessing this spreadsheet from their intranet. Let&#039;s say user A opens the spreadsheet and then user B opens the spreadsheet after user A. Both of them now have it open at the same time. User A makes some changes to the data (through a form in ASP). They save their changes and exit. User B makes changes and tries to save. I want User B to be prompted with a message that there have been changes made to the spreadsheet. They should be presented with choices such as 1) Do you want to upload the newest version of the spreadsheet? or 2) override the changes.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Use Access or some other DB application to update your databse. You are asking for trouble using excel for the very reason you stated. Excel workbooks were never really meant to be a multi-user kind of deal. Better yet, why not create an ASP app to do that kind of work?

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