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Thread: Request.ServerVariables.Remote_Address???

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    I have created a Time and Attendance ASP program for my company, so that all our employees can login and logout on their computers, and we can record their hours worked. Our employees are all over the country. I want to at least record something about the computer they are on, when they login to the system (IP address, Mac address, Certificate?). All I ever hear people talk about is the ServerVariables that has the Remote_Address. This does not work for me because my server is behind a Proxy server(soon ISA), and I just get the Proxy server&#039;s IP address.<BR><BR>How do I get past that? Or does anyone have a better idea?

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    Since you will be paying them based on their attendance, it might be safer to use a logon page and then use their username, otherwise what will stop them from scheduling their browsers from opening at 9 and closing at 5 without turning up for work, thats what I&#039;d do.

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