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    Shij Guest

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    Whenever I try to upload the image using SoftArtisans.SAFile I am getting the following error. Please help me to set the permission<BR><BR><BR>SoftArtisans.SAFile.1 error &#039;80020009&#039; <BR><BR>Creation of cached file failed. Please check the NTFS permissions for the directory path "d:virtualservers1086ggbmecatimg". This directory requires Read, Write and Delete permissions by the anonymous user ( NT account: IUSR_computername ) as well as for your authenticated users. <BR><BR>/catimg/test2.asp, line 13 <BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Shij

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    RobT Guest

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    You need Read, Write, and Change permissions on the folder you are uploadin to

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