ActiveX ctrl won't load on cptrs w/o V.Studio

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Thread: ActiveX ctrl won't load on cptrs w/o V.Studio

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    Default ActiveX ctrl won't load on cptrs w/o V.Studio

    I wrote an ActiveX control for use in a web page. However the control doesn&#039;t seem to load on computers without Visual Studio installed (I&#039;m taking an "educated" guess that Visual Studio is somehow involved based on tests on 6 computers).<BR><BR>Does anyone have any idea why it wouldn&#039;t load?<BR><BR><BR>The control will begin to download and the user is prompted if they wish to download it (it&#039;s not signed), then it appears to be downloaded for about 5 secs, but the control never appears on the page, only that little square remains (and on some computers the little square will turn into a little dot).<BR><BR>Here are some specs about the control:<BR>* It was written in Visual Basic 6<BR>* It uses the intrinsic control "DirListBox"<BR>* It uses the ActiveX control "Microsoft Internet Transfer Control 6.0 (SP4)"<BR>

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    Default RE: ActiveX ctrl won't load on cptrs w/o V.St

    have U built your .cab file correctly, ie ommitted any of the <BR>exta .dlls needed to run your activeX control ??<BR>

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    keith5000 Guest

    Default no .cab, only .ocx

    Only the .ocx file has been uploaded to the server. The object tag points to the .ocx in the "codebase" attribute like this (with the correct class id instead of my dots):<BR><BR>&#060;object classid="........"<BR> codebase="/admin/_objects/MyControl.ocx#version=1,0,4"<BR>&#062;&#060;/object&#062;<BR>

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    keith5000 Guest

    Default still need HELP!


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    Default I think he's right...

    ...I don&#039;t think you can reference these objects without them being installed on the users&#039; PC. To do that, you&#039;ll need to create a .cab installation file that is referenced in your HTML tags if the component isn&#039;t present. Depending on browser security settings, you may also need to have a security certificate.<BR><BR>For these two reasons, I try to avoid use of activeX client side installations at all costs.

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    Default thanks!

    thanks it worked!

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