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    the problem is thus: the first page only contains 2 frames. these 2 frames contain asp pages that get data from an Access97 db. the first page seems to take a long time to load, and eventually i can see the other pages being loaded in the status box at the bottom of the screen. But, if the frames are missed out it takes only a few seconds. Also, if i load each page manually, they only take a few seconds. How is it then, when the whole thing is put together it seems to take a long time to process?

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    Because you&#039;re using Access both processes are competing for the single Access DB file and processor time etc...<BR><BR>If getting individually is faster, load one page first, then use the onLoad event of that page to start the other page, this other page can even have a &#039;please wait...&#039; message while the first page is being loaded.<BR><BR>I can help you script this, its pretty easy.

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