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    Hi - Hope you can help.<BR> <BR>I&#039ve nearly finished my web site, but I run into a problem.<BR> <BR>I&#039m using FrontPage 2000 with PWS and Access 2000.<BR> <BR>On an ASP I want the user to confirm that they have entered the correct data by asking them to enter the same data again (just like when setting up a password). Am I right in saying that I can only do this in VBScript - if so can someone point me in the right direction on how to insert the code into one field of an Active Server Page.<BR> <BR>This is what I&#039ve got so far - in the Visual Basic Screen I&#039ve got this to work<BR> <BR>Sub test1()<BR>Dim PriceA<BR>Dim PriceB<BR>Dim C<BR>A = "PriceA"<BR>B = "PriceB"<BR>C = "Please enter the correct Asking Price in BOTH boxes"<BR>If A &#060;&#062; B Then Debug.Print (C)<BR>End Sub<BR> <BR>Apologies for the state of the code but I haven&#039t done BASIC for 15 years and VB is very new to me.<BR> <BR>A dummy explanation would be most appreciated.<BR> <BR>Thanks in advance - Stephen

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    your question is not clear to help.Is Your Screen or window has text boxes to enter values?.if so where are you Checking in the same page or next page.Reply clearly.<BR><BR>sub test()<BR>dim PriceA<BR>dim PriceB<BR>dim C<BR>c = "message to show"<BR>PriceA = text1.text<BR>PriceB = text2.text<BR>if val(PriceA) &#060;&#062; val(PriceB) then<BR> msgbox c<BR>end if

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