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    Bob Sinclaire Guest

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    Hi i have a quite common problem, i think =D<BR><BR>I have a form that i want to add to a database, when i type the charachter &#039; everythings goes kaaabooom.<BR><BR>i have tried with replacing the &#039; with the ASCII nr instead chr39<BR><BR>but this doesnt work ... any suggestions?<BR><BR>code example:<BR>Replace(Request.Form.Item(ix), "&#039;", chr(39))

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    RobT Guest

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    Try this<BR><BR>Server.HTMLEncodeReplace(Request.Form. Item(ix))

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    RobT Guest

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    Excuse Me<BR><BR>Server.HTMLEncode (Replace(Request.Form.Item(ix))) <BR><BR>Thats how it goes.<BR> <BR>

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    Default This *may* help..

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    Bob Sinclaire Guest

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    PERFECT!!!! i knew i had seen that link somewhere *LOL* thx!

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