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    Paul R Guest

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    Hi<BR><BR>I am trying to manipulate the following code so that I can put in a target=bottom as I am inserting it into frames, but all it does is keep going to a new page, please could someone advise as to where exactly I should put the code in this string..<BR><BR> pageRedirect = mscsPage.SURL(CStr(Request("goto")), "sku", CStr(Request("__sku")), "element", CStr(Request("__element")), "show", CStr(Request("__show")), "description", CStr(Request("__description")),"filtered", CStr(Request("__filtered")),"manufacturer", CStr(Request("__manufacturer")),"viewby", CStr(Request("__viewby")), "product", CStr(Request("__product")),"department", CStr(Request("__department")))<BR><BR><BR>thanks very much<BR>

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    Boopathi Guest

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    Pass it as Query string.

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    Paul R Guest

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    Hiya <BR><BR>Thanks for your reply, but please could you let me know how, sorry but I am only just learning..<BR><BR>thank you

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