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    Hi<BR>I need help with asp files or data access pages in access 2000<BR><BR>1.) how can i export asp files from access2000?<BR> the problem is that the asp pages generated from a tables and<BR> i want to generate asp files from forms .<BR><BR>2.)is there any way to connect that users with access 97 can load into<BR>there html browsers the data access pages ,<BR>becuase only users with access 2000 can see the data access pages and i<BR>been thinking if there is any way to perform a loding of this "dap"<BR>files with the access 97 users in my company , or maybe a run time<BR>version of access 2000<BR>to install in the users computers?<BR><BR><BR>***the main idea is to reformat my application in access 2000 that<BR>manage<BR> somthing that related to all of my company users and we have an<BR>local interanet web site and that staff need to be related to this<BR>interanet ,the users will be able to update,delete,and create a new<BR>records from the web interface<BR>and this will update my database.<BR><BR>all my users have win95,office97,explorer5<BR>i have personal web server (pws4)<BR><BR>i success to export a forms from access97 but it&#039s came without the vba<BR>code that bound to that forms,<BR>olso if you have any idea about that i will be glad to hear<BR><BR>

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    i would say that most people don&#039t go about building a true ASP application in the manner you&#039re trying to use.<BR><BR>you&#039d probably be better off learning about ASP and building the application from ground up. in my opinion, that kind of automation included with access is only good for single pages here and there, not for building an entire ASP application.

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