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    HG Guest

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    I am trying to do a select string in a joint SQL7 table. SQl querry is "select X.BTCH_NR,Z.BTCH_NM,Z.PAGE_QTY,X.POL_NR from OCR_IDX_POL X,OCR_INPUT Z where X.BTCH_NR = Z.BTCH_NR and X.POL_NR like &#039;%50544%&#039; order by X.POL_NR". If I run it on the SQL Query Analyzer it works, but as an ASP I get error &#039;ADODB.Fields error &#039;800a0cc1&#039; ADO could not find the object in the collection corresponding to the name or ordinal reference requested by the application.&#039;<BR><BR>

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    Victoria Guest

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    Your SQL statememnt is fine. If it was a SQL error it would say "SQL Server" in the error message. <BR><BR>Your problem is actually with your ASP (VBScript) code.<BR><BR>The collection the error message refers to is the Recordset collection (because its an ADODB.Fields error), and its saying that it can&#039;t find the object its being asked to get.<BR><BR>To put it simply, you get this error if you try and use a field that the recordset doesn&#039;t return. Check that you are actually returning the fields that you call in your code, and that you&#039;ve spelt everything right.

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