I am trying to build Functions that are backward-compatible. As such, I am in search of a way to add optional parameters to these functions.<BR><BR>Let&#039s say for example that I have a function like this:<BR><BR>Function DoStuff(param1)<BR>...<BR>End Function<BR><BR>The call to this might be:<BR><BR>myvar = DoStuff("yaddayadda")<BR><BR>I use that function for a long time and then decide it would be nice to add additional functionality that requires add&#039l parameters:<BR><BR>Function DoStuff(param1, newparam)<BR>...<BR>End Function<BR><BR>The challenge is this, I don&#039t want to be forced to go back and change every existing call to incorporate "newparam". Thus, I need a way that will allow declaring this additional parameter as completely optional.<BR><BR>If possible, that would allow both of the following to continue to work:<BR><BR>myvar = DoStuff("yaddayadda")<BR>would operate just as it always has.<BR><BR>myvar = DoStuff("yaddayadda", "moreyadda")<BR>would operate just like above, but would also support the "moreyadda" stuff.<BR><BR>Many of VBScript&#039s built-in functions allow optional parameters, shouldn&#039t there be a way to declare your own?