Hi<BR>I need help with asp files or data access pages in access 2000<BR><BR>1.) how can i export asp files from access2000?<BR> the problem is that the asp pages generated from a tables and<BR> i want to generate asp files from forms .<BR><BR>2.)is there any way to connect that users with access 97 can load into<BR>there html browsers the data access pages ,<BR>becuase only users with access 2000 can see the data access pages and i<BR>been thinking if there is any way to perform a loding of this "dap"<BR>files with the access 97 users in my company , or maybe a run time<BR>version of access 2000<BR>to install in the users computers?<BR><BR><BR>***the main idea is to reformat my application in access 2000 that<BR>manage<BR> somthing that related to all of my company users and we have an<BR>local interanet web site and that staff need to be related to this<BR>interanet ,the users will be able to update,delete,and create a new<BR>records from the web interface<BR>and this will update my database.<BR><BR>all my users have win95,office97,explorer5<BR>i have personal web server (pws4)<BR><BR>i success to export a forms from access97 but it&#039s came without the vba<BR>code that bound to that forms,<BR>olso if you have any idea about that i will be glad to hear<BR><BR>