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    I have noticed on a lot of login screens that require ID and passwords, that the ID field, which is a run of the mill input text box, will show prior entries, matching the input in a drop down window below the field. It behaves like a combo box, but has a dynamic java feel to it. Obviously its a cookie thing, but how is it done. View source does not reveal the secret.<BR><BR>

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    are you using MSIE 5.0?<BR><BR>it has a feature that does something similar to what you&#039re describing.<BR><BR>basically, it keeps a record of everything you type into textboxes. for instance, if a textbox is named "email", explorer keeps a record of everything you&#039ve typed into previous text boxes name "email" and will suggest those prior entries to you in the current "email" text box.<BR><BR>my guess is that this is what you&#039re seeing... if not, it&#039s possible to do what you&#039re asking, but it requires some decent javascript to make it work.<BR><BR>kurt

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