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    i know this doesn&#039;t REALLY have anything to do with asp, but i don&#039;t know any other good boards so i figured i&#039;d post here...<BR><BR>its kinda mulitlayered so bear with me as i explain... i have a background texture that i use on the entier page... on the table, i have background colors... is there anything i can do so that the background of the input boxes within the tables shows through to the body background? i used the CSS background-color : transparent; property, but that only shows the table&#039;s color... helP?

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    Default you mean translucent?

    like an alpha layer? not really. best you can do is use a semi-transparent gif where adjoining squares are transparent (in a checkerboard pattern)<BR><BR>if there&#039;s any dHTML effects this generally slows them down a lot, but for static-ish content it can be a fairly good effect, theough not *exactly* what you requested<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.infinitemonkeys.ws/<BR><BR>

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